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Puppy Preschool

Our Next Puppy Preschool: Wednesday 2nd February

Have you seen those really well behaved dogs and thought, “I’d love my puppy to be like that”? Puppy Pre-school can help you (and your puppy!) start on the right track.

Puppy Pre-school is held for one hour per week for five weeks. Classes are held here at the surgery in a dedicated outdoor enclosure and are designed for puppies aged 8 – 16 weeks. Puppies at this age are learning the social behaviours that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

What will you and your puppy achieve at Puppy Pre-school?

  • Management skills for puppy behaviours… toilet training, mouthing and biting, jumping up, barking, digging… and whatever else your puppy can do!!
  • Advice on puppy behaviour, health, nutrition and first aid. We bring you up-to- date information on products and services available.
  • The social skills necessary to interact with other dogs, particularly important for suburban dogs who are often in contact with unfamiliar dogs.
  • A pet who is not only happy, but very willing to come to the vet!

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm and the cost of the 5 Week Course is $125.00. The first night is a “puppy-free” night giving us a full hour to help you understand canine learning and behaviour… once you see – AND HEAR! – the puppies all playing together at week two, you’ll understand why we take advantage of this quiet time to do as much of the theory as possible!

An introduction to a collar and lead at least a few days prior to pre-school will give your puppy time to adjust to yet another new concept in a dog’s life. Please no check chains or chain leads.

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