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Our Team

Charlie Eggers BVSc (Hons)


Originally from south of the boarder Melbourne, Charlie is an avid supporter of Carlton Football Club. His love for the Queensland climate, country and of course wife Cath has him now based in Brookfield, Queensland. Having also worked for some years as a vet in Mackay, north Queensland, he is now truly adjusted to the climate.

Charlie has a very strong interest in small animal surgery and is currently doing a 2 year continuing education course in all things small animal surgery. He enjoys orthopeadic surgeries but give him most surgery cases and he’s happy.

Charlie’s favourite thing about being a vet is the ability to treat animals and see the difference it makes to their lives and their families life. In his spare time, Charlie likes watching his beloved Carlton Football Club (or most sports), socialising and spending time with his wife and their growing fur family.

Charlie Eggers

Catherine Toft BVSc (Hons)


Cath is a self declared animal addict, loving animals of all sizes. Graduating from the University of Queensland in 2009 as a Veterinarian has fulfilled Cath’s childhood dream. She is truly passionate about her job and the animals she treats.

She enjoys the variety of work that a general mixed veterinary practitioner is exposed to, but does have a particular interest in medicine cases. Having spent nearly 5 years in mixed practice in Mackay she is ready to settle in Brookfield.

Brookfield is truly a family run and owned practice with Cath being Richard and Bronwyn’s niece and Charlie’s wife. Talk about keeping it in the family! When Catherine isn’t at work she loves laughing with friends over
wine and great food, going to the beach and going for walks with her husband Charlie and their five dogs.

Catherine Toft

Dr Amber Thomas BVSc (Hons)


Amber joined our team at the start of 2017 as a full time mixed animal Veterinarian. She is extremely caring and dedicated to achieving the best outcome for her patients.

Amber is local to the area and has spent much of her childhood loving animals and being involved in the local pony club and horse actives. Following her graduation from The University of Queensland in 2006, Amber went on to do a year-long equine internship at Redlands. Directly after this experience she spent seven years at Manly Rd Vet Hospital as an equine/large animal Veterinarian. She and her husband, Wyndham, welcomed their adorable twin girls Stella and Ivy, in August 2011. She then worked part time at Manly Rd, worked as a nurse educator and assessor, and as a locum in small animal practices.

Amber’s special interests are equine dentistry (completing EVDS dentistry course), equine medicine, and small animal medicine. In her limited spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities, particularly gardening. Amber enjoys spending time with her family and travelling with them. She has a lovely 15-year-old dog named Bindy, and young energetic dog named Jake. Amber also boasts a large flock of chickens; some even rescued from the clinic.

Dr Amber Thomas

Dr Zoe Smyth BVSc (Hons)


Zoe graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010 and started here at Brookfield Vet in early 2017, as a mixed veterinarian. She is a country girl at heart, hailing from a remote sheep station south east of Cunnamulla. She has a love of all animals but particularly cows, and is experienced in production animal medicine from her days as a vet at Pittsworth. She has since moved to the western suburbs of Brisbane, with husband Phill. They have three dogs named Max, Syd and Herb, and a cat named Merv, who rules their house.

Zoe has wanted to be a vet from a young age. As a child Zoe would set her cubby house up as a vet clinic, and would ‘treat’ her chooks and dogs. Zoe loves horse riding, running, tennis and listening to acoustic music. Zoe is passionate about sourcing and supporting locally grown and owned produce. Her plan is to hopefully work part time as a vet whilst also operating an online business to promote primary producers.

Dr Zoe Smyth

Kirsty Johnstone BVSc (Hons)


Kirsty joined our team in early 2018. She is a wonderful addition to the team. She has previous experience in emergency medicine and critical care at a referral centre. She has a keen interest in Ultrasound/Imaging, Medicine and Poultry.

Originally from South Africa, she moved with her family to Australia when young. Growing up locally, Kirsty has always loved animals big and small and owned everything from horses to turtles. Kirsty is extremely caring and dedicated to her job and the patients she treats. Kirsty is owned by her Golden Retriever Millie who is part of her family.

When not busy working, Kirsty loves to travel and enjoys playing sports. She enjoys playing Netball, Tennis and Horse riding. Kirsty loves chocolate sponge cake and flowers (sunflowers and lilies). Kirsty looks forwards to treating all the wonderful animals in Brookfield and around.

Elizabeth Giglio

Practice Manager (BSc, MSc)

Elizabeth is our international nurse coming all the way from New York and brings a wealth of knowledge. She is a bright, caring, compassionate, and empathetic animal lover.

Animals have always been a passion and big part of Liz’s life. When in New York, she worked at an animal shelter for many years. She has lived in Townsville where she worked as a pet sitter and dog walker and worked as a Veterinary Nurse in Launceston, Tasmania, for the last three years. She studied a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology and a Master’s degree in Tropical Ecology and Conservation.

Luckily for us her partner’s job as a journalist has brought her to Brisbane. Even Liz’s family are animal advocates with her older sister back in New York managing a vet surgery. In her spare time Liz enjoys weight lifting, hiking, watching movies and listening to classic and alternate rock. Interestingly Liz also loves entomology (the study of insects). Elizabeth and her partner Chris have two beautiful and cheeky cats, Luna and M’lady.


Becky Manners

Head Surgical Nurse (Cert 4 Qualified)

Becky joined the team in 2015, and is mid way through her cert IV in vet nursing. She has always had a strong love and passion for animals. Becky’s beautiful cat Jaspa has been coming to the clinic for many years.

Becky is a hard working and compassionate member of the team, and is becoming a fantastic vet nurse. She worked at the Moggill pet motel prior to nursing. Becky makes sure all the animals get extra special love, and attention while staying at the clinic.

Outside of work Becky loves most sporting activities, whether it be watching or participating, and lives a very active and healthy life style. She also loves socialising with friends and family, eating yummy Chinese food and off course adores Jaspa.

Becky Manners

Chantelle Vidal

Veterinary Technician / Nurse (BScAppSc)

Chantelle grew up locally and has been part of the family at Brookfield Vet Surgery for over 5 years, starting as a junior while at school doing weekend hydrobaths. She is a very determined, hard working and dedicated nurse. Her positive energy and can do attitude is refreshing to staff, clients and their pets.

She is currently in second year of veterinary technology at the University of Queensland. She is excited about a long future in the veterinary industry, which is fantastic for the animals she looks after. Chantelle’s beautiful smile and infectious laugh can usually be seen at the clinic over the weekend, and Mondays and Fridays.

She hopes to one day do some travelling, maybe working as a nurse while on holiday. She is a very busy young lady, but in her limited spare time she loves going out with friends, exercising, keeping healthy, and taking care of her cheeky schnauzer Murphy.

Chantelle Vidal

Carly Jones

Receptionist/Training Nurse

Carly literally grew up in a vet clinic, so it’s in her blood. Hailing from Rockhampton where her Dad was the local vet. She lived above the vet clinic, and remembers spending many nights helping her Dad with caesareans and surgeries. She studied fine arts at university, until the veterinary nursing urge became too much and she went to work for her father’s vet surgery.

She moved to Brisbane to follow her husband’s music career in 2014. Thankfully she came and joined our veterinary surgery team. She is a extremely dedicated and hard working nurse. She brings an artistic flare to Brookfield Vet surgery and is responsible for all the beautiful bandage art and posters around the clinic.

In her spare time she loves listening to all different genres of music with husband Michael, watching sci- fi, watching the Lions play and spending as much time as possible with her children Ruby and Coen and fur children staffys Eggs and Benedict.

Carly Jones

Aviel Critchley

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Aviel lives locally now, but was originally from the UK. She joined the team in 2014, after doing some volunteer work at the clinic for Duke of Edinburgh. She is currently in her final year of school, and comes in two afternoons a week after school, and on Saturdays to run the hydrobath.

She makes sure all the animals have as pleasant as possible time in the hydrobath, and has brought some fresh ideas, such as the hydrobath cards and complimentary washes. Aviel’s future plan is to study veterinary nursing after finishing school.

Av is passionate about making a difference to the world, and has done some volunteer work in Cambodia, and hopes to continue travelling with similar projects in the future. She loves spending time in the outdoors, particularly if it’s with her dog Alfie.

Aviel Critchley

Melissa Park


Melissa came to Brookfield Vet surgery in 2014. She was drawn to Brookfield Vet surgery after nursing with Charlie in Mackay. They call themselves the surgical A Team, and have a great working relationship. Actually Mel gets on very well with everyone due to her bubbly and easy going nature.

Mel has been veterinary nursing for nearly 10 years, and is wonderful at what she does. Mel has only a few subjects left until she graduates with her cert IV in veterinary nursing. Having a young daughter Ellie, has obviously meant the study has taken a little longer.

Mel loves travelling and socializing with friends and family. Her spare time is taken up looking after little cutie Ellie. Her husband Andrew and her are currently expecting their second child, and renovating their new house, so as you can imagine they are very busy. In her down time Mel loves exercising her Labrador Betty, and cuddling her beloved British short hair Cat Warren.

Melissa Park

Ellen Finney

Veterinary Student/Receptionist

Ellen grew up in Brookfield, and knew she always wanted to work with animals. She grew up with all different sorts of animals – horses, goat’s, chickens, dogs and cats just to name a few. She is a very smart young lady, and is currently in her third year of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland.

She is currently working on reception, and assisting with nursing duties on weekends and filling in shifts. The animals just love her! She has two Jack Russells, called Hayley and Molly, and has recently adopted two previously abused miniature ponies.

She loves to travel, and is planning to visit Europe and Africa at the end of her degree to do some volunteer work. She hopes to one day specialise in equine pathology or maybe even surgery. Her other interests include touch football, netball and scuba diving.

Ellen Finney

Gemma Ryan

Kennel Hand / Assistant

Gemma is an animal lover and all-round caring person. Loving nothing more than cuddling puppies! She has just started her studies in human nursing and is also interested in animal nursing. She is the newest member of the team and is at the clinic in the afternoon for animal cuddles, walks, hydrobathing and cleaning.

You may also meet Gemma on some Saturdays for hydrobaths. Gemma’s claim to fame is that she is a direct descendant of explorer John Oxley! When not working or studying she loves all music, particularly piano. Amongst her sporting pursuits, netball is a favourite. She has a little Jack Russell Lola who is adored.

Gemma Ryan

Winnie Eggers

Clinic Dog

Winnie was born at the surgery on the 21st September 2015 at midnight. Her mum, Poppy, needed a late night emergency Caesarean which was performed at Brookfield Veterinary Surgery. She came into the clinic a few times after that and Cath and Charlie fell in love with her. She soon became part of their fur family.

She works at the clinic on Mondays and Wednesday. Her main roles are relaxing and befriending the patients that are in hospital. She also loves greeting clients and animals when they come to the clinic. She brings a very bubbly, playful and energetic energy to the clinic.

She loves nothing more than making people laugh, cuddles and pats and playing with other dogs. In her time away from work she loves resting, chewing and chasing toys, playing with her other fur family members, visiting local coffee shops for weekend brunch and watching TV, particularly Bondi Vet.

Winnie Eggers


Clinic Cat/Manager/Public Relations Officer

Mimi came to Brookfield Veterinary Surgery mid-2017, with roughly four years’ experience in public relations, human management and smooching.

Mimi has been a great asset to our team, keeping a close eye on quality control of clinic treats, pet toys and scratching posts. When Mimi isn’t busy checking the calibre of the clinic toys she is often found at the front desk greeting clients as they come in. Mimi is a social girl and likes to make as many new friends as possible.

The life of a Clinic Cat/Manager/Public Relations officer is extremely busy, as you can imagine, with many important jobs such as, licking one’s self, sleeping, rubbing one’s self on other members of staff and squeezing into small boxes.

Among Mimi’s many duties she also types more than 100 words per minute! (with a very loose definition of ‘word’). With that in mind we will leave you with Mimi’s own prose.

‘jadgsh ;wdeufch cwohw or;yg8tt 5utgp4’ q’  – Mimi